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  1. This first graph over here, this green one, is the graph of y equals x to the
  2. 5th. And this purple one is y equals x to the 6th. Notice that this does, in
  3. fact, continue that pattern that we had started to pick up on over here. Just
  4. like x squared and x to the 4th, x to the 6this shaped sort of like a U.
  5. Although it's even steeper or skinnier, than the x to the 4th function. And it's
  6. base looks to be a bit wider. So, as you move away from 0, the graph isn't
  7. initially increasing very quickly. And then it shoots up really fast as soon as
  8. we move past 1. Think about why this is y. You might want to make a T chart with
  9. values at the input for the function smaller than 1, and see how the value of y
  10. increases as x increases. Now, just like y equals x to the 3rd, y equals x to
  11. the 5th has one tail, or one end of the graph pointing to negative infinity, and
  12. the other pointing to positive infinity. Then we can see that y equals x to the
  13. 5th is, once again, a skinnier graph than y equals x to the 3rd. But it still
  14. has pretty much the same shape. This is really interesting.