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  1. Now it's time to have some automatic control of the brake.
  2. We want to set the wheel slip to 0.2, but actually the only thing that we can control is the brake.
  3. We can't directly control the wheel slip.
  4. So the job is to provide the right input to the brake so that the measured wheel slip is about 0.2.
  5. That's lot of things going on in between.
  6. Think about the dynamics of the car, the surface of the road, and so on.
  7. Situations such as these are studied in control theory.
  8. How to provide the right input to get the output that you want
  9. and this is the approach one would typically be using.
  10. We found the difference of the optimum value and the actual current value to get the current error.
  11. This is fed into a code controller, which as the name says controls the brake.
  12. So what we are doing right now is more than just a simulation.
  13. We're simulating the brake, the dynamics of the car, the sensors but in addition to that
  14. we're also be going to design a controller.
  15. That's a piece of software or maybe hardware that's going to actually be part of that real car.