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  1. (Music Intro)
  2. So far away, It is no laughing story
  3. Someday, if I have gone away
  4. Having fallen into deep deep forest,
  5. You must go alone there
  6. In tied hands, there is a soft body heat,
  7. fingers which held it have untied loosely,
  8. Bells of a dry tone will be ringing
  9. You must go alone there.
  10. As we are, two walk and are alone
  11. Dissembled voice is quite brokenly.
  12. Two are downcast eyes, There is one shadow
  13. I must go alone there as well, you know?
  14. You have fallen in faint love
  15. Bloomed flowers at a far tall cliff
  16. "Somehow I can't reach it," though you just know.
  17. Next time, you must go alone there.
  18. (Music, bridge)
  19. So far away, it's no laughing story
  20. Someday, if I have gone away
  21. Having fallen in a deep deep forest,
  22. You must go alone there.
  23. Since there I alone has walked, been solitary
  24. I was worn out fully by dissembling
  25. I am downcast alone in a golden room
  26. I used to with you be staying there.
  27. Having fallen intro a deep forest I am
  28. A dirty fruit which is black stooty
  29. That's all. The story is that alone
  30. You must go alone there
  31. (Music)
  32. (Music over)