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  1. Have you heard my story
    about the Finn?
  2. Yeah...Well if you don't know it,
    you will soon.
  3. Imagine it: One day I am on
    the Insaoud road.
  4. I stumble across a petroleum engineer
    with a broken-down Land Rover.
  5. He has a cute chick with him,
  6. a big blonde with dreamy eyes,
  7. a baby's smile...
  8. a real slut. I noticed her
    right away,
  9. because women are my thing.
  10. It sure beats shoveling, eh?
  11. So with a straight face, I tell
    the engineer:
  12. "If you want, I can drive your lady
    to Agdid and call a tow truck."
  13. He actually said yes. So I'm alone
    with the doll. Isn't that right, Saiid?
  14. It's all true!
  15. Yes, it's true.
  16. It's also fascinating.
  17. Are you going to work at all?
  18. Just wait, it gets better!
    Doesn't it get better?
  19. Yeah, yeah...
  20. So, soon as we left,
    I drove with one hand.
  21. And that's when the girl starts
    putting on airs and graces,
  22. the delicate manners
    of a fine lady,
  23. on the pretext that Saiid was there.
  24. Just then we arrived at the sand dunes.
  25. So, I said to the Finn girl:
  26. "Have you heard about the sand roses?"
  27. "No," she said.
  28. So I stopped the truck, and said,
    "See that sand dune?
  29. Behind it are the most beautiful
    sand roses in all of Nigeria."
  30. [Chuckles]
  31. Great. She wanted to go see.
  32. Two hours later, Mitch-Mitch
    and his little chickie are at Iqbul Fri,
  33. raising glasses of Pernod.
  34. Suddenly, the cuckold arrives, and goes
    straight to her, without saying a word.
  35. He shoots her a look that could
    kill a buffalo.
  36. Someone told him?
  37. Sand!
  38. Mitch, who always says too much,
    told him:
  39. "Once you're all set, follow my tracks
    to Iqbul Fri."
  40. The little engineer had followed our
    tracks all the way to the dunes.
  41. There was more than enough
    evidence there.
  42. We might as well have waved our
    underwear at him.
  43. How did it end?
  44. Done glaring at his tart, he
    took a swing at the guys.
  45. Mitch blocked the first punch,
    and told him:
  46. "Don't push your luck!"
  47. The husband said nothing?
  48. Well, you know. When some 250 lb.
    guys say something,
  49. 130 lb. guys tend to listen.