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  1. Here we see the inclusion--importing an OPML file in Bloglines.
  2. Then, we go to Bloglines: www.bloglines.com and login.
  3. But, I had already posted my credentials, I was already logged in, and so I'm in.
  4. I drained to do the example, and I assume that you have already available the OPML file, downloaded to your computer.
  5. I add content.
  6. So, here, two words:
  7. to add a feed, says: "Add a feed"
  8. and we have seen in another video that this--the feed address is one thing,
  9. the URL address of the blog, is another.
  10. If you put the feed address, he adds it directly.
  11. If you put only the address of the blog, blog URL,
  12. then he will look for if there are--to see if there are addresses of feeds inside, and propose them.
  13. But enter an OPML file is a different thing.
  14. At the beginning, some had confused the matter and had put here the address of the OPML file
  15. where I am available in DropBox, here, with a link in my blog.
  16. No: the OPML is imported, not posted anything here.
  17. Matter.
  18. Browse.
  19. I had put on the Desktop--Yes, here it is: this--
  20. and imports. Ok.
  21. He says he has 343 imported feeds. Fine.
  22. Of course, here is a bit of patience because it takes a while to load.
  23. One can also get to do another thing.
  24. Here's that are coming.
  25. Good: everything here.