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  1. Direct variation means that two amounts are related such that if one increases,
  2. the other increases. Or, if one decreases, the other decreases as well. This
  3. makes sense in terms of working for an hourly wage and earning money. If you
  4. work less hours, you earn less money. The second type of variation is inverse
  5. variation. If you work more hours, the amount of free time that you would have
  6. would decrease. Notice here, one quantity is increasing but the other one would
  7. be Decreasing. We could also have the relationship reversed, we could work less
  8. hours, which means we would have more free time. In the rest of this lesson
  9. we're going to use our knowledge of direct variation and inverse variation to
  10. solve some problems. But before we get there, let's see if you understand the
  11. difference between the two.