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  1. And here are the answers. There are two parses of "the Fed raises interest rates."
  2. In both, "the Fed" is the noun phrase of the sentence. "Raises" is the verb,
  3. and then there's two choices for what comes after the verb.
  4. It could be the single noun phrase, "interest rates," or it could be two noun phrases, "interest" and "rates."
  5. That's like "raises me some money," here it's "raises interest rates," which doesn't make a lot of sense, but is sanctioned by the grammar.
  6. Now, for the second sentence there's only one. "The Fed raises raises" where "raises" is the verb.
  7. You can imagine more parses for both of these. So for example, in the first one, a sensible parse would be
  8. "The Fed raises interest," and then "rates" doesn't make much sense, but say "The Fed raises interest me," makes a lot of sense,
  9. where "interest" is the verb. But that's not sanctioned by this grammar because the rules that have a determiner as part of a noun phrase
  10. insist on only having a single noun, rather than having multiple nouns.
  11. So there's only one parse here and only two parses here.
  12. For "raises raises interest raises," it may seem like there are no parses, that that doesn't make any sense at all.
  13. But in fact, there are four of them. And let's take a closer look at those.
  14. I've drawn the tree for all four parses. I showed the words twice, and then drew one tree up and one tree down
  15. from each set of words. So it could be that "raises" is the main verb.
  16. And then this "raises" would be the subject, and then we have the same ambiguity we saw before.
  17. Is it a direct object and an indirect object, or is it a single two-word compound noun that's the object?
  18. Another choice is that "interest" is the verb, "raises raises" is the subject, and "rates" comes after the verb.
  19. Or it could be "raises raises interest" is the subject, a three-word noun phrase,
  20. and then "rates" by itself is the verb, with no object coming after it.
  21. And all four of those are sanctioned by the grammar.