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  1. One of the great things in computer programming
    is once you've taught a computer how to do
  2. an action, you can call that function again.
    You give it a name and then you can call it.
  3. That's really like extending the language.
    In the program we built, we learned how to
  4. draw a square by moving and turning four times.
    We can take that function and give it a name,
  5. draw a square so that any time we want to
    do that, we simply say draw a square and it
  6. will go back and invoke that function, that
    code and it will get done for us. We've added
  7. that concept to our programming language.
    In this puzzle, we have already created a
  8. draw a square function for you. You'll see
    it in the toolbox as a green block. What you'll
  9. need to do is write the same code you wrote
    before to draw a square and put it in this
  10. function. To do that, click on the edit option
    in the green draw a square block. This will
  11. open up the function editor. The function
    editor has three parts. A place where you
  12. name your function. This will appear on the
    green block before that function. Then write
  13. out a short description of what your function
    is supposed to do. In this case, it's supposed
  14. to draw a square. The white space below this
    is the work space and works just like the
  15. work space you've already been using. Drag
    and drop blocks from the toolbox into this
  16. work space. Remember to put the blocks that
    create a square inside the green wrapping
  17. block for the function. Once you're done,
    click on save and exit. This will take you
  18. back to the main puzzle work space. Now you
    can use the draw the square function block
  19. just like any other block to solve the puzzle.