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4 Common Mistakes Vertical Jump Workout Programs Make That HURT Vertical


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If you are wondering how to increase your vertical jump then you have likely tried looking for a vertical jump program that will help you do so.

This was me about 2 years ago. I wanted to learn how to dunk so badly that I bought every jump program that I could find online.

I've bought 3 jump programs and all were ineffective and one of them was a scam where I paid $75 for a crappy DVD that didn't even work...

...anyway, fast forward 2 years and I can dunk like many people wish they could. My vertical went from 18 Inches to 37 Inches in my first year training.

But that isn't the point of this article this post is about the 4 Common Mistakes I see many vertical jump programs make

Here are 2 common mistakes I see many vertical jump programs make on a consistent basis that can tank you vertical gains.

Here are 2 mistakes:

1.) Keeping The Exercise Rep Count Too High

Dunking requires a very explosive jump and very fast footwork. This will be addressed in a later tip but the key is to replicate explosive jumping in your workouts as closely as possible.

Having reps in the 8-30 range (I've even seen 50-100 reps from some other programs) for all sets is counterproductive to increasing your vertical.

Why you ask? ...Becuase you are simply training your muscle for a movement that is not beneficial to jumping higher (which requires explosiveness, not endurance)

Repetition count should be kept very low for almost all workout exercises. 4-8 reps are the sweet spot for really challenging your muscles with strenuous movement.

The name of the game is explosiveness and exhaustion

If you still can walk to your car after a vertical jump workout then you did something wrong...not joking...or am I?

2.) Not Rotating Workout Routines

plyometrics for vertical jump trainingTHE GOLDEN RULE OF WORKING OUT: breakdown your muscle by any means, replicate the exercises to the movement you wish to optimize, and keep workouts non-repetitive

It doesn't matter what you do in the gym, it doesn't matter what exercises you choose to do, and it doesn't matter what your goal is...

...If you follow this rule then you will certainly see results over time.

Guaranteed, and I'm a living example. (unless you read this article 80 years from now...)

Anyway, this Golden Rule Of Working Out I just pulled out of my a** actually is really relevant to this point.

If your vertical jump routine doesn't rotate the exercises then you won't be challenging your muscle and growth simply will not happen.

Always vary the movements you do and always challenge new muscle groups.

I literally searched over a year for a vertical training program that was comprehensive and I spend hundreds of dollars in vain...

...but then I found the Jump Manual

____________________________________________________________________ Click here to see my Jump Manual Review and how I gained 4 Inches on my vertical the first month on it!