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  1. >> Try solving this mixture problem. You have 10 liters of a chemical mixture
  2. that is 8% water, and you want to add to that a mixture that is 15% water to get
  3. a mixture that's 10% water. How much of the 15% mixture should you use? One
  4. thing that you should notice in mixture problems is that the percentage of your
  5. final mixture must be in between the percentage of the other two mixtures. The
  6. 10% falls in between the 8% mixture and the 15% mixture. This makes sense
  7. because we can only come up with the percentage that would be between these two.
  8. I couldn't make a 60% solution from an 8% water solution and a 15% water
  9. solution because, well, these two would be too low.