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WALK THE MOON - Lose You Again (Official Video) ft. BRÅVES


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dear universe,

“Lose You Again” has come from somewhere between our dreams and our nightmares. the song is a hybrid creation with our brothers, the enigmatic BRÅVES. the video is one we imagined and brought to life in one shot, one take, with a skeleton crew of friends. drop in and let us know what you see.

with love,

Special thanks to Sara Montez and Lachlan West

“Lose You Again” by WALK THE MOON feat. BRÅVES out now:


About WALK THE MOON: Ohio’s WALK THE MOON have been captivating audiences with their energetic live shows for the better part of a decade. The band first made a name for themselves by touring relentlessly in support of their self-titled debut, which featured the indie classic “Anna Sun.” The alt-rock-pop quartet were then catapulted into the spotlight when 2014’s “Shut Up and Dance” became a multi-platinum global smash, crossing sonic barriers to top three different Billboard charts. After two years of performing countless sold out shows in twenty five countries across five continents, the band returned to the studio to craft their third major label release, 2017’s What If Nothing. The album showed the band simultaneously at their most epic and their most vulnerable, a daring step forward both musically and lyrically. The lead single, "One Foot," became a number one hit at Alternative Radio in 2018 and was among the most played alt songs of the year. WALK THE MOON returned in 2019 with brand new singles, including "Timebomb," "Eat Your Heart Out" and now, "Lose You Again."