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  1. [Thrun] So this finishes my short lecture on robotics.
  2. Obviously the field is much, much bigger than what I just showed you,
  3. but I gave you examples of the key elements.
  4. I gave you an example of perception using particle filters.
  5. I gave you an example of planning using MDPs and also A*.
  6. These are some of the key methods we've been applying to self-driving cars.
  7. There are many other methods.
  8. Most notably, there's also reinforcement learning
  9. that has recently received a lot of attention.
  10. But I don't have time to talk about those.
  11. I hope you are able to apply these methods yourself to pretty much any robotics problems
  12. that you might be working on.
  13. Robotics is really a fascinating area.
  14. There's a lot of things to learn--
  15. way too much than I can offer in this single class.
  16. But what you should have noticed is there's a really strong interplay
  17. between artificial intelligence and the methods I showed you before
  18. and what we are doing, for example, to make cars drive themselves.
  19. Now, in the next class we'll talk about a topic that's equally important,
  20. which is natural language processing.
  21. So when you learned today a little bit about how to build self-driving cars,
  22. next lecture you might actually learn how to build the next Google
  23. when Peter Norvig tells you all about natural language processing.
  24. So please come and see us again when the next class comes up.