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  1. spring fever
  2. that's full of energy, vitality
  3. and sexual appetite associated with spring
  4. it's been written about for centuries
  5. but does it really exist?
  6. there's definitely something in this spring time air
  7. a Canadian study showed a way that
  8. teen pregnancy peaks in March
  9. right around spring break
  10. and another found that men
  11. produce the most
  12. and the healthiest sperm
  13. in early spring
  14. what's causing this seasonal shift?
  15. Scientists think our increase in
  16. energy and better mood
  17. have to do with changes in hormone levels
  18. an important one is melatonin
  19. sometimes called the "sleep hormone"
  20. it's released at night and helps us to fall asleep
  21. when the nights are longer
  22. we produce more melatonin
  23. and in spring, as the night gets shorter
  24. we produce less of it
  25. may be explaining why we feel
  26. more awake and more active
  27. seratonin is another chemical
  28. that affects our mood
  29. it's known as the "happiness hormone"
  30. and it's level risens in spring time
  31. as it gets sunnier
  32. and the pathologists think that
  33. this changes in hormone levels
  34. may have to do with survival and
  35. reproduction
  36. many animals lay low in the winter
  37. using less energy because food is sacarce
  38. early humans might have done the same
  39. when food became more abundant in the spring
  40. and it make sense that they become...
  41. more....
  42. active
  43. not surprisingly
  44. as you move toward the equator
  45. spring fever disappears
  46. for example
  47. scientists have noticed that seasonal changes
  48. and the birth rates of field mice
  49. flatten out
  50. as you get closer to the equator
  51. but sunshine may not be the only
  52. spring time "pick me up"
  53. for humans, the optimal temperature for
  54. good mood is 72 degrees Fahrenheit
  55. and let's face it
  56. once the temperature starts to rise
  57. we're wearing a lot less
  58. for Scientific American and Instant Egghead
  59. I'm Yasmin Tayag