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  1. We seemed to have arrived at the moment
    of truth for our entrepreneurs.
  2. They've gotta pick a model to implement.
  3. Do you have any suggestions, Ito?
  4. >> Sure.
  5. In many cases,
    the choice is pretty clear.
  6. For example,
    most games are using a framing model and
  7. such, generally using subscriptions.
  8. Both benefits from the trust
    they created with their users.
  9. However, there is no
    replacement to keep trying and
  10. tuning the models that
    fit your special needs.
  11. There are rare cases where
    you have enough funding and
  12. you wish to focus on growth.
  13. It's totally fine, since the value
    of your company is composed
  14. from the current revenue stream and
    the future one.
  15. >> Let's also hear from some other
    startups to get their advise on
  16. choosing a monetization strategy.