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Few & A few: What's the difference - English In A Minute

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  1. Welcome everyone.
  2. Today we're going to look at
    the difference between
  3. 'few' and 'a few'.
  4. Have a look at these
    two sentences.
  5. Which sentence has
    a more negative feeling?
  6. Number 1.
    I have few friends.
  7. Number 2. I have a few friends
    who live in London.
  8. It was sentence number one, right?
  9. When we use 'few', we're saying
    that the total number
  10. of something is not as many
    as we would like
  11. - that the number is small.
  12. Here, I'm telling you that
    I don't have many friends.
  13. When we use 'a few',
  14. we're not talking about
    the total number,
  15. but a category of something.
  16. It has a similar meaning
    to 'some'.
  17. Here, I'm telling you that
    some of my friends live in London.
  18. Just
  19. we always use this with
    countable nouns only,
  20. so please
    be careful.
  21. See you next time!