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  1. Here's our last absolute value equation. This one looks crazy. We have the
  2. absolute value of 2x plus 1 is equal to the absolute value of 3x minus 5. We
  3. have the symbol on both sides of the equation. Alright, let's take a step back
  4. and think about what this really means. We know x is some number, so if I plug
  5. in a number here, I'll get another number. The same is true on this side. So
  6. these numbers could be positive or they could be negative. So if the number's
  7. positive and this number's positive, is this statement true? Or if there is a
  8. negative sign in front of the number, is this statement true? Check all the
  9. statements that you believe are correct. That is the left side is equal to the
  10. right side.