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  1. And very clearly robotics is partially observable.
  2. We'll talk about this today a little bit more when I apply particle filters.
  3. It is continuous--that is all measurements are continuous and all actions tend to be continuous.
  4. The environment is clearly stochastic.
  5. It's impossible to predict what's happening next with absolute certainty.
  6. Then you can argue back and forth whether it's adversarial or not.
  7. In most cases we don't treat it as adversarial. We don't think about it.
  8. But somethings about robotics is indeed adversarial and to some extent driving is as well.
  9. I want to say no for now, but I'm going to accept both answers over here,
  10. so you can write whatever you want,
  11. because I don't want us to think about robotics as adversarial.
  12. At least not in the case of driving cars.