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  1. Let's have a look at the solution. We need to be able to capture the packets
  2. here, even if there's suspend happening intermittently. So we have our while
  3. loop. We're waiting for valid to become true. That's the beginning of the
  4. packet. Then we're staying in a loop continued to look for and the one being a
  5. valid time, meaning this is a real packet. And we will only capture data when
  6. the suspend signal is zero. All right, so when we, when it's zero, we let
  7. actually push on the data from the [inaudible] into our list of bytes. Then we
  8. wait for next cycle, and loop around here until we captured the whole thing.
  9. Once valid goes zero, we will capture parity, so that's the last portion and
  10. then we use this method here to recreate packet and push it into the, our common
  11. packets. So we take these bytes and make a packet out of it. At the end we're
  12. clearing this list of bytes, so we can start a norm and create more packets and
  13. we emitting at the packet detected event.