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  1. Okay, and the correct answer is, as you may have
  2. suspected, all of these. There are many different factors in each
  3. website, is a little bit different. And, you know, different website
  4. may have different needs. some, some websites you know, video websites,
  5. like YouTube or Justin TV. Bandwidth was a major factor
  6. because video takes a lot of bandwidth. And you have to
  7. figure out, you know, how you can support that much bandwidth.
  8. You know, you're sending a lot of data over the wire,
  9. over the Internet. Machines, computers very often CPU's a limiting factor. if,
  10. if your website does a lot of computation you know, you may need
  11. a lot computers to handle all of the traffic, to do computation
  12. for everybody. Or maybe you're running out of memory. You know, you're storing
  13. a lot of data or you're caching a lot of data in
  14. memory. You may need to store that data across many computers to, to
  15. make it work. Power, you know, if you're adding a lots of
  16. computers, power is actually something you
  17. need to start thinking about. You know,
  18. I've visited Google once and it was cool that had a,
  19. a map on the wall of where the big power plants
  20. in the world were. They are building data centers in near
  21. power plants so they could always have powers. And storage, of course,
  22. is similar to memory. You know, memory, disk space, or technologies
  23. that fall in, in between. You know if, if you're storing a
  24. lot of data. You know many websites store a lot of
  25. data. If users are submitting content to you, photos and status updates,
  26. and, you know, comments and that sort of thing. That
  27. starts to become a big factor in, in your decision making,
  28. and how do you store all of that data. Facebook
  29. has so many photos, they have to. They've unbelievable amount of
  30. disk space required to, to manage all that information and
  31. you know Google has basically the entire internet indexed and you
  32. know that they have to store, they basically Google's [INAUDIBLE] entire
  33. internet across all their machines so they can do searches quickly.
  34. So all of these are things you need
  35. to scale and of course there are other, other
  36. things as well but I just want you
  37. to keep in mind that every website is different.
  38. Every website has different needs and different limiting,
  39. limiting factors whether it's machines or bandwidth or power.
  40. Anything can be the, the, the culprit when it
  41. comes to keeping your website online, stable and fast.