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    The placement of the color,
  2. we should locate here on the model,
  3. and do it exactly like that, on-site.
  4. [ASSISTANT] Okay.
  5. [ELIASSON] The objects are not necessarily
    the most interesting part about art.
  6. It is what the object does to me
    when I look at it or engage in it
  7. that is actually interesting.
  8. You are somehow provoked into
    a more negotiating role
  9. because you go like,
    "What am I looking at?"
  10. Then you are more likely to also inquire,
    "Well, what does looking actually mean?"
  11. "And why am I seeing things
    the way I'm seeing it?"
  12. Instead of questioning the object,
    you are in fact questioning yourself.
  13. That, I think, is one of the great things
    that art can do.
  14. Art can somehow offer an opportunity
    to do some self-evaluation.