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  1. So now we've talked about how the cache works for

  2. updating normal files from the cache. Now the whole app
  3. cache system is actually very complex. It's a very complex
  4. algorithm that the browser goes through to get files out of
  5. the cache, figure out whether it should update the cache,
  6. check the different sections in the file. We do want to
  7. talk briefly about the network section for files that always
  8. need to be loaded from the network, so let's go take
  9. a look at that. The network section was supposed
  10. to make it easier to build applications that were
  11. occasionally online, but it turns out that's pretty hard
  12. to do. As we talked about before, it's hard to
  13. answer the question definitively if you're online or offline.
  14. One common thing to do is in the network section
  15. at the bottom to put a star, or even
  16. just to only have a star here. This basically means
  17. anything that anything we haven't specified already further up in
  18. the application cache in the cache section, you should just
  19. go to the network for. This is actually isn't a
  20. great thing to do. If you have any blocking resources
  21. in your file, or in your application that haven't been
  22. listed in the cache file, it's going to sit there and
  23. wait until it times out. So what you should really
  24. do, is develop without that network star. Even if you add
  25. it later. That way, your cache updates in the
  26. console will actually show you if you're missing files.