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  1. I know if I pay the full price of the shoes, I have to pay a 100%. But I get 20%
  2. off of that price sp I should only pay 80%. I'm going to show you how to finish
  3. this problem out. So, I have 80% of the original cost. I know of means
  4. multiplication. So, I have 80% times the original cost which is $60. I'm going
  5. to change my percent to a decimal. I know I need to divide by 100, because it's
  6. percent. So I move the decimal two places to the left, I get 0.8 times $60. I'm
  7. going to do 8/10 times $60, I get 48.
  8. So, I only need to pay $48 to get the shoes. That's a pretty good deal. Okay.
  9. Let's try another problem.