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  1. Well, how hard we push definitely matters.
  2. If I push really hard, the cart could accelerate really fast.
  3. The mass of the cart also matters.
  4. It's much harder to get a very massive cart, a heavy cart, moving than it is to get a light cart.
  5. The color, of course, doesn't matter,
  6. and the material it turns out doesn't matter either.
  7. You might have thought that a lightweight material, well, maybe that will accelerate faster.
  8. But then we're changing two variables.
  9. You'd be changing both the material and the mass of the cart.
  10. When we're thinking in terms of designing an experiment,
  11. we want to make sure that the variables we alter we're altering in isolation.
  12. If I have two carts that are the same mass, it doesn't matter what the material is made of.