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  1. Of all the Android launch devices,
  2. the Nexus 1 will always
    hold a special place in my heart.
  3. That's not to take anything away
    from my first Android device,
  4. the HTC G1, that launched Android
    to the world with its distinctive chin
  5. and slide-out keyboard.
  6. Or the HTC Magic,
    first prerelease android phone
  7. I got to dog food
    when I joined Google.
  8. And the first, the wave of devices
    we gave every attendee
  9. starting at Google I/O in 2009.
  10. 2010 was the year Android went from
    "that's interesting" to global phenomenon.
  11. Growing from 100,000
    activations a day in May,
  12. to over 300,000 by December.
  13. That was seriously helped
    by the release of the Motorola Droid.
  14. I can still remember
    the offices here in Building 44,
  15. echoing with the constant refrain
    of "Droid" as each device rebooted.
  16. The Droid was the first of the thinner,
    higher res, more powerful Android devices
  17. that have since become standard.
  18. And it was also the device whose
    release on Verizon here in the U.S.,
  19. really kicked off the flood
    of Android activations.
  20. But I was a Londoner then,
  21. and the Droid was
    a [inaudible] only phone,
  22. so it was never really
    a device I truly used.
  23. Then, there was the Nexus 1,
    code-named Passion.
  24. The first device I felt was pure Android,
    was also the phone we brought with us
  25. on our 2010 Android
    Developer Labs World Tour.
  26. Me and my colleagues
    traveled across the world.
  27. Seven cities in ten days,
    introducing over 20,000 developers
  28. to Android by way of presentations
    and a free Nexus 1.
  29. As a result, I made
    a lot of friends across Europe,
  30. and learned exactly
    how many boxes of phones
  31. I can carry across snow drifts
    in Stockholm, and icy roads in Berlin.
  32. Since then, The Nexus S4 and 5
    have each improved on what it takes
  33. to make a great Android phone.
  34. And OEMs across the world, have created
    thousands of different Android devices.
  35. Starting with the Motorola Xoom,
  36. which led Android's
    official expansion into tablets,
  37. and leading the way
    for the Nexus 7 and 10.
  38. But that was just the start.
  39. Those changes paved the way
    for the Android [inaudible]
  40. to grow into what could be,
    the brains behind anything
  41. from phones and tablets, to TVs,
    cars and wearables, like Android Wear.
  42. It's impossible to know, what comes next.
  43. Who knows?
  44. Maybe the next Android devices,
    will be Androids themselves.