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  1. So here's the app you're going to be
    building over the next few minutes.
  2. It has a sign in button, a sign out
    button and a revoke access button.
  3. Right now, the sign out and
    the revoke access are grayed out,
  4. because we're not signed in and
    the sign in button is available.
  5. So if I touch that,
  6. the first thing that will happen
    is I get this consent screen.
  7. Remember earlier in
    the developer's console,
  8. you saw the ability to set up
    the consent screen and this is it.
  9. So the consent screen, because I'm
    using profile scope, is just saying.
  10. This application would like to view
    your basic profile information.
  11. So if I touch OK,
    it now continues and it signs in, and
  12. as you can see it's signed in to
    Google+ as me, Lawrence Maroney.
  13. It's been able to take my name out
    of my ID so it can present it here.
  14. If I sign out you'll see that we're now
    signed out again, and if I sign in,
  15. Idon't get the consent screen anymore
    because I've already accepted it,
  16. and given my app access
    to profile scope.
  17. But I can revoke that by touching
    the Revoke Access button.
  18. So now that I've touched that,
  19. I've signed out again, as the Sign Out
    button has been grayed out,
  20. the Revoke Access button has been grayed
    out, but the Sign In button's available.
  21. So if I touch that,
  22. I new get the consent screen again
    because I previously revoked access.
  23. And, then if I go okay again, now I'm
    signed in and its signed in as me.
  24. Now, how does this map to methods and
    overrides in your app?
  25. Lets take a look how to do that.