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  1. All right, I'm happy to be here today with Ian Buck from NVIDIA. Ian, welcome!
  2. >> Hey John, how are you? >> Doing great. Can you tell us what your job is at NVIDIA?
  3. >> Sure. I'm the General Manager of Computing Software at NVIDIA.
  4. Basically what that means is I'm in charge of all the things for using GPU's
  5. that are not really graphics or video related.
  6. Things like simulation and problem solving
  7. that you don't really do in a game
  8. but recycling those cycles to use them more kind of supercomputing kind of applications.
  9. >> And you've had a lot to do with the development of CUDA.
  10. >> Yeah, I started the CUDA team many years ago, going on 6, 7 years now,
  11. finishing my work at Stanford to do it for real at NVIDIA.