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Top 4 Crippling Barriers To You Making Money Dropshipping On eBay


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Upload them directly. Click here to get your start making money on eBay through dropshipping on eBay. I review my favorite eBay listing & repricing software: Pricematik


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In general, when it comes to eBay arbitrage the process is very straightforward.

You buy low and sell high so you make a "margin" of profit on every purchase.

The term "dropshipping" refers to the source of your product. You literally drop a customer to whatever supplier you have.

What I did to make $1,000 in a month is dropshipping on eBay, processing the order with a retailer (specifically Walmart), and I made a 13%-16% margin on each item sold (with Cashback).

So basically if a bike was $120 at Walmart I could sell it on eBay for $155 (if competitors aren't selling it too much, otherwise I'd lower my margin to beat them out).

This is the essence of what the Pricematik eBay listing software I use is for, scaling this process with many, MANY, listings to scale an income.

This is how I made $1,000 (more like $1,500...) my first month on eBay and several others have.

Now it's your turn and this site is made to educate you on exactly how to do this and from there you can decide if e-commerce is for you or not...

...either way an extra $1,000 in your pocket doesn't hurt.

ANYWAY, this article is about the biggest barriers I faced to making my income my first month selling on eBay as a retail dropshipper.

If you solve all four of these setbacks then you are well on your way to making money and building an income on eBay or any online venture for that matter... they are:

1.) Not Being A Problem-Solver

This is possibly the most ground-breakingly important skill you will acquire in business and in fact you have no choice, but to solve problems.

This is a fact: In any business you start you will face extremely stressful and challenging problems that will test your fortitude as a person.

This is very normal and can only be seen as a path to growing and a necessary obstacle to getting what you want.

Unsurprisingly this heavily applies to dropshipping on eBay... are some problems you will face when starting your eBay business:

-Not Knowing How To Do Things
-Being Less Than 18 Years Old
(I got hit by this heavy...PayPal held $2,500 of my money for 3 months. It was one of the most stressful experiences of my life and really tested me.)
-Emotional Turbulence
-Listing & Selling Limits
-Return Cases
-Missing Parts
-PayPal Cases
-Out Of Stock At Supplier
-Mad Customers
-Cancelled Orders
-PayPal Holds
-eBay and PayPal Support Annoyances
-Slow Sales
-Banned Accounts
-Managing/Learning BlackHat Tactics To Sell Again

That's a long list, but guess what...problems aren't really problems...

...they are a necessity to doing anything great.

When you see problems as problems and complain heavily you ignore the fact that if you overcome them, the other side is so much sweeter.

The thing is that all of these are solvable and I am proof of that.

I overcame all of these (including the age ban...), made my money, learned eBay wasn't for me personally, and now I'm a stronger person.

I know that someday you will forget ever reading this, but you will never escape this fact: You must be an elite problem-solver to make substantial money as an entrepreneur.

Problems are a natural part of the process and you will overcome them.

Remember, you are stronger than you think and I believe in you.

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