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Do you suffer from chronic constipation? If your answer is “yes”, you know that this condition is highly uncomfortable.

Basically, constipation is a common gastrointestinal problem affecting more than 4 million people in the U.S annually.

The good news is that you can resolve the problem easily using colon cleanse for constipation techniques.

But before delving into colon cleanse methods, it is important to demystify constipation.

Why Does Constipation Happen?

Constipation occurs when the colon absorbs too much water from waste matter making it dry and hard.

As a result, the colon is unable to get rid of the hard and dry waste matter through muscle contractions which then results in constipation.

Most of the time, constipation occurs due to poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

A majority of the people who suffer from the condition lives a sedentary lifestyle, eat a diet low in fiber and do not drink enough water.

Apart from these, constipation can occur due to hormonal changes, certain medications and excess use of laxatives.

In addition, emotional problems such as anxiety, stress and depression are known to cause constipation.

Colon Cleanse For Constipation

Colon cleansing is one of the most significant steps you can ever take to rejuvenate your health.

Flushing your colon gives you an opportunity to get rid of toxic matter in the digestive system which has the potential to cause untold health problems in the body.

Health experts say that normally “death starts in the colon”.

This means that most health problems especially chronic conditions that lead to the complete breakdown of your health can be prevented or slowed down by keeping your colon clean.

When you have a clean colon, your body is able to absorb nutrients and flush waste matter from your system effectively.

Here are common colon cleanse for constipation methods:

Apple Cider Vinegar Constipation Treatment

Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV) has many benefits. One of these benefits is that it contains a bacteria known as acetobacter.

This is a gut-friendly bacteria that helps in breaking down food in the digestive system and assist in moving things along.

In addition, the antibiotic properties of the vinegar enhance the acid content in the stomach while antioxidants in the apple cider vinegar keep the body healthy.

Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic, so avoid drinking it undiluted since this could harm your teeth and your esophagus.

To use this solution:

Dilute 1 or 2 tablespoons in a large glass of water

Drink it with your meals 1 or 2 times a day

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