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  1. We've talked a lot about working with numbers, how to compute with them, how to
  2. read them, how to display them, and you're written quite a few programs. But
  3. there's one important point that I'd like to talk about for a few minutes, and
  4. that is, first do things by hand before you open the programming environment.
  5. The natural urge of every programmer is to go ahead and open BlueJ, or whatever
  6. environment you're using, and start typing code. But that's rarely productive.
  7. Let me give you an example problem, and show you how I would work it out by
  8. hand. So, here's the problem. We're supposed to be putting tiles white and red
  9. ones alternating along a wall, and we are told the total width of the wall. We
  10. are also told the tile size. The architect tells us, we are suppose to start
  11. and end with the tile of the same color, and the question is how many tiles
  12. does one need to order? It's pretty clear that you need one more white tile
  13. than the red tiles. But how many clearly depends on the size of the tiles and
  14. the total width of the wall. So, let's say that your assignment is to write a
  15. computer program that helps the builder with this problem. Like I said, this is
  16. not the time to open your coding environment. Instead, do a couple of these by
  17. hand first so you get a feel for what the computations really are.