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  1. >> Now that you've calculated the standard deviation by hand, we can finally do
  2. it with spreadsheets. And that's what we're going to do from now on. Open the
  3. spreadsheet called Sample Social Networkers Salary. The link should be at the
  4. right. This has 100 data values and you're going to calculate the standard
  5. deviation. You'll have to copy this into your own spreadsheet. To guide you,
  6. I've listed instructions, and they have numbers that signify the order in which
  7. you should do them. So first find the average of these values. Then you find the
  8. deviation. Then you square each deviation. Then you find the average squared
  9. deviation. And then finally, you take the square root. And this is the standard
  10. deviation. Once you've calculated the standard deviation, enter it here.