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  1. In the next class, I will tell you about
  2. robot motion--how to make the robot move.
  3. So we're going to move beyond the idea of
  4. just state estimation--finding out where we are
  5. or where the other cars are.
  6. And we're going to move to the fascinating topic:
  7. how to use all this to decide where to move.
  8. So in the next class, I'll talk about a basic
  9. AI method called "search"--.
  10. in particular, "A* search"--which is an algorithm
  11. invented by my colleague, Nils Nilsson, at Stanford
  12. and I will apply it to the problem of planning
  13. robot trajectories and making it move
  14. in real time.
  15. So I'll see you in the next class.