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  1. The solution for the drinking birds crossbar and nose are nothing special. You
  2. set the position. You rotate it by 90 degrees and you're pretty much done. The
  3. eyes are a little bit more interesting. First you have to translate to position,
  4. then rotate. To do this, you have to make an object 3D so that you can do the
  5. rotation after the translation. Our drinking bird is functional but could always
  6. be improved. He could maybe have a few helices for his tail feathers. His
  7. eyeballs could be flatter and he could have pupils for his eyes. He could have a
  8. jaunty hat and a corncob pipe in his mouth. The crossbar could surround his tube
  9. instead of poking through it. He could have classier feet. I hope you'll play
  10. around with him and improve his appearance. I'd love to see what you come up
  11. with.