dotNYC Public Workshop and Info Session - Dec 9 2013

dotNYC Public Workshop and Info Session - Dec 9 2013

dotNYC Public Workshop and Info Session on .nyc, New York City's Top-Level Domain, at Brooklyn Law School on Monday December 9 2013, hosted by NYC Digital,

With the historic launch of .nyc, the City of New York will become one of the first cities in the world with a top-level domain, creating new opportunities to support local businesses, organizations, and communities and establishing an unprecedented level of geographic authority in the digital sphere.

The meetup began with a presentation on .NYC by government and industry experts, followed by group breakout sessions. Topics included: what is a TLD, .NYC launch plans, what .NYC means for your business or nonprofit organization, how to apply for a .NYC domain, and more.

00:07 Welcome - Grace Cheung
01:08 Opening remarks - Jonathan Askin
03:59 ConnectNYC update - Kat Lau
05:52 Presentation - Rachel Haot
12:37 Presentation: - Jeff Neuman
29:30 Q&A
56:50 Breakout procedure - Noel Hidalgo
59:26 dotNYC future
1:03:14 Launching dotNYC
1:07:12 Small businesses and dotNYC
1:08:45 Closing remarks - Rachel Haot

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