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  1. Rick Crammond (RC) Welcome everyone to
    the 14th Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshop
  2. Today we'll be visiting
    once again with Mr Keshe (MK)
  3. of the Keshe Foundation
    Spaceship Institute in Bari, Italy.
  4. And, he'll be answering some questions
    from a 17 year old, through email.
  5. Some of Mike's kids have questions
    on the nature of the Universe as well.
  6. And we're following the trail
    of the division of the neutron
  7. and we would like to know more about
  8. how the initial MaGrav fields
    are formed and so on.
  9. Okay, well here's a
    little bit from Keyvan Davani (KD)
  10. and then we will segue into Mr Keshe.
  11. Keyvan, are you there?
  12. (KD) Yeah, hello Rick. Thank you
    for your introduction.
  13. Hello Mr Keshe
    and to all knowledge seekers.
  14. In the last Knowledge Seekers Workshop,
  15. Mr Keshe you elaborated
    on Nikolas' drawings
  16. and I wanted to maybe, if you could,
    if we have enough time,
  17. the 50-60 minutes we have,
    elaborate on it in a kid's language.
  18. On the initial fundamental division
    of magnetical fields,
  19. which you said is very
    important to understand.
  20. Once we understand this then all the
    other divisions are easily understandable.
  21. Mike Nashif (MN) has a couple of
    questions from his own kids
  22. and there's a question again as Rick
    mentioned from a 17 year old boy.
  23. I don't know, would you like me to read
    it to you?
  24. There are two sets of questions
    or do you have it already, Mr Keshe?
  25. (MK) I don't have any questions,
    read it to me please.
  26. (KD) Okay, he's saying he's 17 years old
  27. and he's from England
    and has a few questions.
  28. He says; Nikola Tesla said,
  29. "If you can understand 3, 6 and 9
    you will have a key to the Universe".
  30. 12 comes after that,
  31. there are 12 specific stones at Stonehenge
    which you mentioned last time,
  32. 12 disciples with Jesus,
  33. 12 essential body salts, I believe.
  34. 12 hours of the day,
  35. I understand in summer
    there's more sunlight
  36. like 18 hours per day
    but stick with me here.
  37. 12 months of the year
  38. and I believe,
    12 dimensions in this Universe
  39. or maybe, even throughout the Universes.
  40. Now, the point of this question:
    12 strands DNA.
  41. Seeing as we normal human beings
    are missing out 10 of these strands,
  42. it's not really a question but I would
    like Mr Keshe to comment on that.
  43. Maybe if we can tie that in to this,
    number 12, to the last topic of
  44. the Knowledge Seekers Workshop about
    the essential fundamental division
  45. of the magnetical fields,
    maybe it would make sense.
  46. Yeah, that's about it I guess.
  47. (MK) This question of 12 is to do
    with division of Plasmatic,
  48. Plasmatical magnetical fields of a Plasma.
  49. In present science you look at...
    very much like the way Nikolas showed us.
  50. He divided it into three.
  51. One center and then dividing
    into six poles.
  52. But in fact, the gravitational magnetic
    field of a Plasma divides into 12 segments
  53. It's a natural process.
  54. It's very much like an orange
    when you peel it, inside it.
  55. In so many ways, when you create...
    a three base star formation.
  56. This is the way we look from the
    spaceship technology,
  57. not any other technology.
  58. When you have a three base and one
    on top, it gives you the free Plasma.
  59. But at the same time, the shift in motion,
    it needs to be slightly off center,
  60. that the fields can flow.
  61. If the fields stay in balance and equal,
    there is no shift or there is no motion.
  62. So, in so many ways, if you look at
    the star formation,
  63. you usually look at star formation
    in a very strange way,
  64. which we tried to
    explain here in a simpler way.
  65. If I can get it in?
  66. You have three,
  67. you have six,
  68. then you have...
  69. My video is on!
  70. I think you have to reset your video.
  71. I still see Vince offline, I see
    Brad offline, I see Eliya offline
  72. but my camera is on.
  73. (RC) ...It's not.. not coming
    through for me at least.
  74. Does anyone else see
    the video from Spaceship Institute?
  75. (KD) No, no video
  76. (RC) Okay!
  77. (coughing)
  78. (MK) I think you have to do
    your magic game.
  79. (RC) Oh! Okay, that could be,
    just let me...
  80. Yup, that's probably what's going on
  81. Okay, let's see what I can do here,
    hang on a second.
  82. (KD) Mr Keshe, can I just interject with
    a short question?
  83. So you're saying there must be a
  84. to create a division always, right?
  85. (MK) Yes!
  86. (RC) Okay your video's coming in there
    now Mr Keshe
  87. (MK): Is it okay?
  88. (RC): I'm not sure what we're seeing
    it's just a blank
  89. Here we are, there, see your hand?
  90. (MK): My hand, okay no problem.
  91. So, if you look,
    if you look at the division, of three.
  92. and then you have another three,
    that's six.
  93. There's another three, that's nine.
  94. This is your three base star formation
  95. and then,
    you have a three in the center
  96. where the pressure of the center
    will create,
  97. three centers and one center of itself.
  98. So, you create your star formation
    with a center.
  99. Your.. You do not need to place
    a top core, number four,
  100. on each individual set of three.
  101. You use a set of three on top
    to create the fourth.
  102. This is the way Plasma works.
  103. and if you understand it, if you can
    understand the division in-between them,
  104. then you understand, partially,
    what Tesla understood.
  105. Because, in fact,
    you sit in the full corner,
  106. gravitational and magnetical fields.
  107. You are used to, at the moment
    in the Space technology, what we show,
  108. a reactor on top and three base.
  109. Now, these reactors are
    each are in a matter state.
  110. Where, now with the new setting,
    where you have three,
  111. and then you have another three
  112. and then having
    another three with a top core.
  113. Each one of these blue ones
    is a combination of three.
  114. So, with a twelve,
    if you look at it sideways,
  115. you have a reactor on the top
    and you have there,
  116. so now you create the imaginary
    or free Plasma condition,
  117. which is here.
  118. You have the center, the top and
    the three bases,
  119. So, now you create, as we said in
    the teaching with Nikolas,
  120. you create three imaginary phases,
  121. which, with the center line three,
    become totality.
  122. So, you get twelve segments
    and that's how Plasma works,
  123. because Plasma,
  124. the division of the Plasma,
    dictates the... power of the division.
  125. So, you do not need to...
    go far to understand
  126. but you've got to realize
    Tesla was a Plasma, AC man.
  127. and in his way of thinking
  128. he always looked at, what we call now,
    the three phase system.
  129. The structure as we understand...
  130. I have a couple of systems of Tesla
    in different combinations
  131. and when you look at some of his work,
  132. most of the scientists today have not
    understood 1%, 2% of his work.
  133. That's why there is such a situation
    with his knowledge
  134. and the dispersal of his knowledge.
  135. Tesla understood one way
    but he could not understand the other.
  136. He understood the magnetical,
  137. but he never realized the connection
    between the magnetical and gravitational.
  138. He could see the division of Plasma,
  139. he could transfer energy,
    from one to another,
  140. but he could not pull energy
    from one to the other.
  141. This is where, now, Professor Miles comes
    and he calls it with a new name,
  142. "Scalar Wave".
  143. So, if you have six magnetical,
    you need six gravitational
  144. to be able to create balance.
  145. As we've seen with the...
    work of Nikolas last week
  146. you saw six circles
  147. but as you understand
  148. in the universe there is nowhere
    which is void of the Plasma
  149. or void of gravitational magnetic field.
  150. If you look at the work of Nikolas
    last week
  151. he gave us the center core
  152. and then he drew.
  153. he's assumed that this center core
    divides into, in a way, six circles
  154. One, two and three
  155. And then he created a bigger circle,
  156. which, he marked it, like...
  157. 12 on the top
  158. and then 2
  159. and then 4
  160. 6, 8, 10.
  161. But, in this space here,
    what he assumed is total emptiness.
  162. But what I said: this is 1
  163. the distance between 1 and 2 and 12
    is exactly the same.
  164. These are magnetical,
    where here now, is gravitational.
  165. So, you have field forces,
  166. six pulling in, six pushing out,
    that's where the balance comes.
  167. And, the minute one of these is out
  168. it's where you get a dis-balance
  169. and opening up
    of the Plasma into a further division.
  170. So, if you look, you have
    your twelve numbers.
  171. So, in what he showed this is magnetical,
    because it's the field flowing out.
  172. But field flows out this way,
  173. but from then on, it has to go back.
  174. So, when it goes back it takes with itself
  175. So, these are magnetical points
    and these are grav...
  176. That's the point of balance.
  177. that's how Plasma divides
    and Plasma holds itself in segments.
  178. In so many ways, in Plasma physics
  179. the work of the physicist
  180. has been always looking
    at the structure
  181. in one direction
    and not in both directions.
  182. both Plasmatic and gravitational.
  183. The division comes when there is in the
    circle, if you consider the full circle,
  184. the division comes when there is a gap,
    there is a dis-balance
  185. and at the point of dis-balance
  186. this dis-balance allows
    the creation of another center.
  187. It becomes a feeding zone.
  188. this is where the center
    - gravitational magnetic -
  189. finds a weaker point
    to release its energy or grav...
  190. When we speak about energy, we talk about
    gravitational magnetic field energy,
  191. which is gravitational magnetic fields
    in motion.
  192. And, that's how you get
    a division of the cell
  193. division of a Plasma, a neutron into a
    proton and electron.
  194. And, as much as is divided,
    then the balance occurs
  195. and then you get the separation
    of the bigger and the smaller,
  196. what we call...
    proton and electron.
  197. But, one thing you've got to remember
    and take this further
  198. is that in time,
    when you have a center in your Plasma,
  199. with a number of what we call,
    protons and electrons and neutrons
  200. you have forgotten one criterion,
    one principle point.
  201. And that is, these, each one of them
    are themselves Plasma.
  202. So just because they become an electron
  203. or a proton
  204. or a neutron,
  205. doesn't mean this process
    has stopped for them.
  206. They are still as a neutron,
    as a proton, as an electron,
  207. going through
    their own process of division.
  208. So, in time the electron divides again
    to a smaller sub-matter condition.
  209. A proton, in time,
    as it releases its energy
  210. and it loses to its environment,
  211. it converts to sub-atomic proton levels.
  212. And in some cases, the sub-division
    creates additional electrons
  213. or the division, as a Plasma which
    cannot manifest itself as a matter,
  214. becomes energy in the total structure
    of the Plasma of the electron itself,
  215. in the orbit of the atom.
  216. The present physics always
    speaks about half of the story,
  217. not the full story.
  218. And that's why later on, other scientists
    have to come and correct it
  219. and this is exactly what I always say.
  220. With this technology
    we try not to leave much out,
  221. that everybody can understand
    fully what's going on.
  222. You have to understand
    the Plasma of a neutron,
  223. in time, as it loses its fields
    to its environment,
  224. divides into a proton and electron.
  225. But, the next step which has never been
    talked about by the world of science,
  226. is; Okay, we say a proton is a Plasma,
  227. we say an electron is a Plasma,
  228. what happens to them?
  229. They still lose energy.
  230. They are still back in the same process
    where the neutron, the mother was,
  231. and in time, they themselves divide
  232. to sub-proton and sometimes electron
  233. and, sub-electron and sub-matter.
  234. These Plasmas are the field high energy
  235. which man has never considered
    and never understood.
  236. (KD) Mr Keshe, when you talk about
    "sub", for the kids, what does it mean?
  237. Like, weaker, the weaker plasma?
    (MK) Yeah, no. Smaller, smaller.
  238. Smaller in atomic structure,
    which we do not,
  239. or man does not have the tools
    to observe them, at this moment.
  240. Because, there is no difference between
    the Plasma of a proton,
  241. a Plasma of a neutron
    and Plasma of an electron.
  242. They rotate
  243. and they create conditions,
  244. in respect to the other protons
    and neutrons and electrons,
  245. in the structure of the atom.
  246. To be able to create that positioning,
  247. they release or allow their
    gravitational magnetic fields to interact.
  248. The gravitational magnetical field
    of the electron
  249. and gravitational magnetical field
    of the proton,
  250. is exactly like Earth and the Sun.
  251. They interact
    and this interaction releases,
  252. needs energy and creates, that they
    have a position in respect to each other.
  253. And the same process goes to
    sub-electron Plasmas
  254. and sub-proton Plasmas.
  255. (KD) Another question Mr Keshe?
  256. I'm sorry, is that what the mainstream
    science is trying to come up with
  257. those funny names, the quarks, bosons,
    spins or whatever they want to call it?
  258. (MK) No, no, no, no, those quarks
    and things are inside the neutron.
  259. (KD) Ok
    (MK) Those things are imagined inside.
  260. This is a physical division
    of the electron to sub-electrons
  261. and division of
    the proton to sub-protons.
  262. Because, then this goes back into
    the different high level energy
  263. or very low level energy.
  264. And then part of this division
    of the electron to sub-electron
  265. this is how electrons move in different
    orbits in respect to the proton
  266. and neutrons and the nucleus.
  267. And this is how this movement,
    loss of the energy by the electron,
  268. dictates the release
    and conversion of the neutron
  269. to release, to divide
    into electron and proton.
  270. This division of the neutron is a
    continuous process
  271. and then at the same time,
    when you have a dis-balance,
  272. which means, one of the electrons has gone
    into the process of division,
  273. so, now it allows a space for a
    new electron to be produced,
  274. to replace it,
    for the stability of the element.
  275. So, the neutron in the center,
    has more,
  276. near to dis-balance,
    divides into an electron and a proton.
  277. And then, this is what you
    call "Isotopes", atomic structure changes.
  278. Different.
  279. We are looking at isotopes in a very,
    very specific, narrow minded way.
  280. For us in the Plasma technology, when
    we talk about the isotope, we talk about
  281. isotopes not only in proton but in
    sub-atomic, sub-proton levels
  282. and in neutrons and electrons.
  283. So, it's good for the children
    to understand
  284. that the process of division
  285. from a neutron to an electron and
    a proton does not stop at that process.
  286. The electron goes through a division again
    because it loses energy
  287. and the proton goes through
    the same process again
  288. and then again their own divisions
    into sub-matters what we call
  289. sub-sub-matter divisions, in respect to
    the man's point of vision and detection.
  290. So, you have to from the beginning as
    children, remember one thing
  291. Do not narrow mind yourself
    to the point of the end,
  292. because, in the Creation there is no end.
  293. In the world of creation
    there is a division
  294. and the division as a Plasma
    creates a friction,
  295. re-support magnetical and gravitational.
  296. And absorption of the gravitational
    magnetical field,
  297. leads to creation of
    what we call sub-matters.
  298. And this is..., what you heard
    in the past 5-10 minutes,
  299. is unheard of, more or less,
    in the world of physics,
  300. and the Plasma physics and the
    world of current science,
  301. because man has limited self.
  302. This is why Tesla limited his own
    knowledge because he could not
  303. connect the relationship between
    gravitational and magnetical fields.
  304. And even Professor Miles, who understood
    the magnetical properties
  305. he could not understand,
    he's connected to... to magnet
  306. into gravitational and magnetical
    to be the same.
  307. That's why, Professor Miles has become
    a fringe talker in the world of science.
  308. Because, he should have realized,
  309. I explained to him
    when we met a couple of times.
  310. He should have understood that
    he's working with the gravitational
  311. field forces and Tesla was working
    with the magnetical field forces.
  312. And as gravitational field forces
    are stronger,
  313. they always attract.
  314. And as magnetical field forces are
    weaker, compared to magnetical,
  315. Tesla could have a Tesla box,
    what we call a Faraday box.
  316. In confining the Plasma or the field
    of the matter into a ray level
  317. that we can confine it,
    that it cannot leak.
  318. I hope we added a bit of knowledge
    for the adults and the children.
  319. (KD) Yes, thank you.
  320. There's always some residuals, pieces of
    Plasma, during the process of division.
  321. Right? That gets pulled in within,
    to the gravitational center?
  322. (MK) It becomes part of the soup
    of the energy.
  323. Not all of it gets gravitated
    into the center,
  324. it becomes part of the soup
    of the Plasma.
  325. The plasma, the way electrons and neutrons
    find position, in respect to each other,
  326. or protons and neutrons find position,
    in respect to each other,
  327. is not just dependent on their
  328. central gravitational magnetic field
    principle zone.
  329. It depends on other fractions
  330. and the bits of the Plasmas which have
    a weaker principle as well.
  331. It's very much like the total movement
    of the planetary system and their Moons
  332. It doesn't just depend
    on the matter itself,
  333. it depends on the other Moons and the
    planets which are in the Solar System too.
  334. They all affect each other.
  335. Any other question?
  336. (RC) Let me get my Livestream on.
  337. Alfie says; I'm in the process
    of buying a 3D printer
  338. so I can make GaNSs reactors
    a little easier
  339. and then I'm going to put 4 star
    formations in star formation.
  340. Possibly, with the
    whole structure spinning
  341. to create what you referred to last time
    as the master Plasma.
  342. My thoughts are this; There may be a way
    to activate the other 10 strands of DNA.
  343. I don't mean
    instantaneously or anything
  344. but it could be a giant step in
    that direction.
  345. Many hundreds of thousands
    of years ago
  346. we or our original ancestors
    had this 12 strand DNA
  347. and apparently came from
    the 12th dimension.
  348. What are your thoughts on this?
  349. (MK) Carry on talking.
  350. The...
  351. The answer to this is very simple.
  352. As you understood, hopefully
  353. the last session, that in this session
    you are referring back to it.
  354. You should have understood,
    in a very simple way,
  355. the 2 have already
    created the 12
  356. but you are not wise, and you are too
    materialistic to see it.
  357. The same way
    as Nikolas explained to us
  358. how one principle circle
    divided to 12 fields.
  359. That's exactly when you see the 2, the
    other 12, because that's the field balance
  360. The problem is that,
    even in the DNA structure,
  361. DNA itself is made of proteins
    with fossil gaps.
  362. And that gap and the amino acid structure,
    plasmatic structure,
  363. dictates a balanced Plasma
  364. and division of the Plasma,
    as I said, into segments.
  365. Totality with two does not complete.
  366. In a plasma condition
    you have further division
  367. but, as I said, it's "sub", which is not
    visible to the eye of the man.
  368. Any other question?
  369. (RC) Yes.
  370. Maybe Mike can come and ask the questions
    that his kids were coming up with,
  371. which were pretty basic and important.
  372. Are you able to speak there Mike?
  373. (MN) Yep, I'm here.
    Can you guys hear me?
  374. (RC) Yeah, go ahead with your...
  375. (MN) Morning, evening, thank you
    Mr Keshe for your time, and Keyvan.
  376. Questions are coming from Kay
    and Travis from Houston, Texas
  377. Let's see here, I brought them in.
  378. Question 1: If there are so many different
    types of aliens, how do they all talk?
  379. Is there a universal language?
  380. (MK) Yes!
  381. We.. we wanted
    to patent it a few years ago.
  382. Florescence said.. I discussed
    it with Florescence, shall we..
  383. Shall we patent Universal Language
    and then who can say it's theirs?
  384. Yes, there is!
  385. If he's too far you're a child,
    it's easy to understand.
  386. You put, 2 month, 3 month old children,
    next to each other
  387. they don't speak, bring one from China
    and one from Japan,
  388. and one from Africa
    and one from North America.
  389. You'll find out they know exactly
    who is the strongest,
  390. who is the top and who is what
  391. and what they communicate
    between each other.
  392. What language do they speak,
    or how do they communicate?
  393. Even when you see two pregnant women
    in very advanced stages,
  394. in the last weeks of their pregnancy,
    come together.
  395. When one mother complains about a kick
    and the other mother does too.
  396. Man is too physical,
    is looking for a sound
  397. and light and motion for communication.
  398. The level of communication,
    is what we say,
  399. is the essence of the creation,
  400. is through the emotion and through the...,
    what you call, the Soul of the man.
  401. This is why when we build the reactors,
  402. I always say to the knowledge seekers,
    "pray for us in your systems".
  403. Because once it creates...
  404. Let me explain to you in a
    very, very, easy way to understand.
  405. Just a minute ago,
    we spoke about two Plasmas,
  406. one electron, and one proton
  407. and these two are dynamic
  408. and they interact and they
    find position, in respect to each other.
  409. Somewhere here, there is a line where the
    fields rub against each other.
  410. What happens when you rub
    your hands together?
  411. You have a noise.
  412. We don't hear the noise of the rubbing,
  413. we hear the noise
    of the rubbing of this...
  414. (RC) Think we lost your audio there,
    Mr Keshe.
  415. Okay, I think we have a temporary glitch
    here with the...
  416. (KD) When it comes to communication!
    (RC) Spaceship Institute.
  417. Yeah, we talked about the
  418. that aliens could communicate
    and kids can communicate.
  419. But boy, us adult humans
    have a heck of a hard time,
  420. keeping the lines going
    with communication,
  421. in spite of our modern age.
  422. Okay, so...
  423. (MN) Did we lose them all together?
  424. (RC) Yes, bear with us
    as we attempt to reconnect here.
  425. Oops!
  426. Okay, let's see if we can
    bring them back in.
  427. They might have to restart
    their computer or something.
  428. (KD) Now is the opportunity to
    communicate with my own fields, I guess.
  429. (laughter)
  430. (RC) Yeah, we could have a silent
    workshop for the rest of the workshop
  431. and we'll just all communicate
    with each other through our fields.
  432. (chuckling)
  433. I wonder how the kids
    would feel about that?
  434. Okay, still having trouble
    bringing in the Spaceship Institute,
  435. I keep trying.
  436. This is where we should have the,
    The Big Book of Kids' Jokes.
  437. Okay, I see I have to do some...
    a bit of fancy footwork here, so...
  438. Bear with me for
    a couple of minutes here,
  439. I'm going to put that back
    on to a different picture,
  440. and...
  441. here we go, just leave that up.
  442. (R) Hello Marko.
  443. (M) Hello.
  444. (KD) Welcome back [inaudible]
    (M) Hello
  445. Okay, we have problems
    with one of the computers
  446. (RC) Okay, I thought something
  447. had gone strange..yes
    (MK) Can you hear us?
  448. (KD) Yes, we can.
  449. (MN) I can hear you on Skype.
  450. (RC) I think maybe your microphone
    might have to be plugged in, or something.
  451. (MK) Okay.
  452. So, where shall we stand...
    We come back, okay.
  453. What do we get, this click-click,
    in the background?
  454. (MN) Sounds like you have
    sonar in the background.
  455. (RC) Yeah, it's a very interesting sound.
  456. (MK) Yeah, we are swimming
    at the moment.
  457. We are in a submarine.
  458. (RC) Somewhere in the oceans of Bari.
  459. (MK) Yeah, we are very near
    to water here, so...
  460. Just close it.
  461. (MN) Is that somebody
    trying to steal a signal?
  462. (RC) Okay.
  463. (MK) I don't know where it's coming from,
    we are connected somewhere.
  464. Now let's try to bring it back
    if you remember the code.
  465. (laughter)
  466. Houston, we have a problem!
  467. (RC) Okay.
  468. (MK) Can you connect me up there please,
  469. now, we lost our Skype
    on the Spaceship Institute.
  470. (resolving technical issue)
  471. (RC) Okay, so..
  472. (MK) Oh, we're back!
  473. (RC): Back, which way?
  474. (resolving technical issue)
  475. (MK): Can you call us on the
    Spaceship Institute please?
  476. (RC): Okay, will do.
  477. Okay, we're trying to reconnect
    with the Spaceship Institute here.
  478. (MK): We are lost in space.
  479. (RC): Yeah, we started talking about
    the aliens and communications
  480. and everything went haywire.
  481. (MK): You see, this is,
    you overloaded it by thinking.
  482. (MN): I was sending you
    some radar pings, evidently.
  483. See!
  484. (MK): Here it comes,
    the aliens, we got...
  485. (RC): Okay...
    so that seems to have worked.
  486. (MK): Okay! I think every time we get
    lost, you have to call us back.
  487. So yes, we do have a Universal Language
  488. and strangely enough,
    we wanted to patent it years ago.
  489. and we came to a conclusion,
    we were told not to.
  490. So, yes there is a language,
  491. we understand each other,
    we understand emotion.
  492. Emotion has no physicality
  493. and because it has no physicality,
    is understood by totality.
  494. Next question.
  495. (MN): Question 2.
  496. (MK): Question 2, Okay.
  497. (MN): Yeah, it's question 2,
    the first one was from Kay.
  498. She's the...
  499. from my understanding,
    she's the number one 10th grader
  500. in the state of Texas
    for American Sign Language,
  501. and she's interested in trying to sign
    some of the kids workshops.
  502. So, maybe the adult workshops,
  503. you know with fundamental key elements
    and teachings that are in it,
  504. for the people
    in the sign language community.
  505. Anyway, question 2 comes from Travis.
  506. He's a little bit younger than his sister,
  507. he says: How come you don't make
    the bad guys disappear?
  508. I live in Houston, Texas and I'm terrified
    of ISIS coming and chopping my head off.
  509. You said you can stop it,
    how come you don't?
  510. (MK): Who's coming to chop
    his head off?
  511. ISIS?
  512. (MN): ISIS.
  513. ISIS is, in our media out here, our media
    is portraying ISIS as the world's evil
  514. and it's on, all the time,
    on every news channel
  515. and it's terrifying our school children.
  516. That's all thats...
    (MK): You know something very interesting?
  517. Do you know
    something very interesting?
  518. Let me answer your child
    in a different way.
  519. Keshe Foundation is based in Trani,
    in the... What do you call it?
  520. South-east of Italy,
    in the southern point, nearly.
  521. We went out for dinner with
    Armen and Marko,
  522. a couple of nights ago,
  523. to celebrate some good news we had.
  524. And, not even a stone throw,
  525. less than 20 meters -10 meters
    from the restaurant, there is a church.
  526. There's a church of Templars,
    or what you call "Crusaders".
  527. This church is placed right
    on the edge of water, more or less.
  528. Where, people went to the church as a man
  529. and then came out as Crusaders, and got on
    the boat in the back of the church
  530. and went to do what the Crusaders did.
  531. Mayhem, chaos, murder,
    and the rest of it.
  532. In so many ways,
    we just changed names and religion
  533. or name of praying to god,
    one way or another.
  534. Where did the Crusaders disappear to?
  535. ISIS will disappear in the same direction.
  536. Man has chosen the name of God
    in divisions,
  537. to create superiority
    for his own weaknesses.
  538. You go back and teach the children
    why these people, not all of them,
  539. but some of them,
    started this movement.
  540. You call them ISIS, I call them Crusaders,
    it's the same word,
  541. in different time and place.
  542. They fought, or they fight for
    what they think is their right
  543. and is what,
    it has to be correct,
  544. to bring man to believe in God
    in their way of thinking.
  545. But in essence,
    there's only one God,
  546. doesn't matter
    what name you put on it.
  547. On this planet, we chose as many names for
    the God as we have trees on the planet.
  548. The children of today has to be taught
    in a very simple way,
  549. they disappear when
    the world leaders disappear.
  550. When there are no world leaders
  551. and there is no division
    in the way of praying to God
  552. or worshipping the Creator,
  553. then there is no difference,
    there is no ISIS,
  554. there is no Crusaders
    and the rest we've seen.
  555. It's not magic it's believing and behaving
    and accepting the world peace.
  556. When you're accepting the peace,
  557. in time we will see the change in the end
    of these divisions and things we create.
  558. Most of these people, which
    especially in America, you call them ISIS,
  559. Look at the guns they carry,
  560. look at the weapons technology
    they carry.
  561. They all come
    from the most advanced nations,
  562. African nations don't make arms.
  563. Advanced nations make arms,
    to create,
  564. and when the arm is manufactured,
  565. it has to be sold, and to have
    a need for it, it has to be used.
  566. Then you attach a name.
  567. At the moment, because the western media
    has access to whatever we call satellites,
  568. the Islamic world, has become
    the curse of the world.
  569. But in fact, it's the Christianity
    who feeds them,
  570. They're just subservient to the master.
  571. So, ISIS finishes when the world leaders,
    be it his excellency president Obama to
  572. his excellency Mr Putin and the Chinese
    leader and the Islamic world leaders
  573. say goodbye, pack their bags, and live
    like everybody else in a normal way
  574. that there is no difference
    between men.
  575. It's the world leaders which create
    these divisions and these names,
  576. and they disappear
    as soon as they go.
  577. The simple way I can tell you how ISIS
    disappear, happened in my lifetime.
  578. In the 1970s, when I came to England,
  579. It was a pleasure
    to have an Iranian friend
  580. I used to get invited to teas and
    dinners because we were Persians.
  581. '79 we were loved, and 1980
    we were the most hated nation,
  582. through the division of the religion
    and the man,
  583. the nation hasn't changed.
  584. And now we see after some 30 years,
  585. now we have become one of the leading
    scientific world organisations
  586. in nuclear and the rest
  587. and now we have been taken off
    the terrorist list.
  588. So, I used to be a very well
    loved man, I became a terrorist,
  589. now I've been taken off the terrorist list
    but I'm still the same man.
  590. So, it's how the western media
    portrays the people
  591. for them to be able to divide,
    to rules, that they have a leader.
  592. If you go in depth
    in what ISIS stands for
  593. and how they have come to protect
    themselves and divide themselves
  594. and create all these funny names.
  595. It was Bin Laden a few years ago,
    they killed him, now there is ISIS.
  596. Where are the European mercenaries,
    who go and start these things?
  597. The problem is with our world leaders,
    not with our youth and other people.
  598. If you teach peace to the same people
    who carry the gun,
  599. there would be no ISIS.
  600. It's the division we've created.
  601. The disappearance comes,
    by disappearance of the world leaders.
  602. Because, as long as
    they want to be a leader,
  603. there has to be an enemy for them
    to be there to protect their nation.
  604. (MN): Can you spend a little..
    (MK): You said..
  605. Let me, let me, let me,
    let me tell you something
  606. because this was on the table last night,
    I had some friends with me.
  607. One of the Iranians in Washington
    took a letter of World Peace Treaty
  608. to the White House,
  609. hand delivered.
  610. He listens to the programs,
    he knows who he is.
  611. He went with his son.
  612. World peace treaty,
    you all know what it is
  613. and what was accomplished
    with the letter which went with it.
  614. On the 23rd of July 2013,
    some months later
  615. I received a private and explosive,
    you've seen it most probably, letter
  616. from the most powerful man on this planet:
    his excellency President Obama,
  617. justifying, his action of killing
    and murdering.
  618. Why he had to do this,
    why he had to kill this,
  619. why he has to have such an army
    to be able to kill and destroy.
  620. That is, they stay a superpower
    and everything is peace.
  621. And as you know, in my talks I said:
    "I sent you the letter of peace,
  622. and you sent me a letter of killing
    and murdering. The two of us cannot meet".
  623. We have to teach our children
    that war, conflict, division,
  624. doesn't matter, race,
    colour, religion, nationality,
  625. is made by men who find a way
    to support them for them to be the boss,
  626. for them to have a position.
  627. Murdering, killing in any shape or form
    is wrong, it should not be there,
  628. But you have to understand
    how they became what they are.
  629. They killed their parents,
    they killed their mothers,
  630. they killed their brothers and sisters,
  631. for a piece of land called Palestine.
  632. We saw them going for 45 days,
  633. they created 12 billion dollars damage.
  634. Where do you want them to go to?
  635. They have no home.
  636. What happens if somebody comes
    and kicks you out of your house
  637. and destroys the house
    and takes whatever you have?
  638. You defend yourself, or you find
    a way to show your anger.
  639. That's what we have.
  640. ISIS has been created out of
    injustices of the west on the east.
  641. And as long as you have
    access to Fox television,
  642. everybody is enemy and American is the
    best, and the Europeans are the saviors.
  643. Where in fact they are
    the creators of the wars.
  644. That's why, in the coming time
    you will understand
  645. we end up the kingship
    and presidential and leadership,
  646. because all men are equal,
  647. and these people have been
    the cause of the division.
  648. You have to understand how
    these groups are created.
  649. Some of them are maniacs,
  650. psychologically demented.
  651. We had it in the Crusader's time, we had
    it in the time of the Persian Empire,
  652. we had it in the Roman Empire
    and we had it all over the time.
  653. We had them in the past century,
    we called them Hitler.
  654. But, the people who follow
    these kinds of paths of thinking,
  655. is because they have no way,
  656. or they see the way to
    get to power to become leaders.
  657. And when we don't make arms, when we count
    what we said: World Peace Treaty,
  658. "Thy shall not think about the war,
    I will not carry arms".
  659. Then there is nowhere to fight,
    there is no need to fight.
  660. As some of you know, we are pushing
    through the forces of the technology
  661. to enforce peace.
  662. And in a very short time,
    we will announce a huge,
  663. a very significant achievement,
    for the Foundation, in that regard.
  664. We gave freely, but our freedom of
    knowledge sharing has a condition:
  665. Disarmament.
  666. And, we will carry a nation with us
    on this planet, very soon.
  667. What a lot of people haven't understood
  668. is that our generation,
    your parents and us, are sacrificing
  669. not much, but a lot, to make sure that
    the next generation has a peaceful time.
  670. And the peace comes
    from not having the arms.
  671. When you don't have a gun,
    you don't use it.
  672. When you learn the process of peace
    means justice and correctness,
  673. you correct yourself,
    so there is no injustice.
  674. Then there is no war,
  675. then if you understand that, then you
    understand the language of the aliens.
  676. Which is peace, a permanent peace
    and not talk of peace,
  677. because then, you will understand your
    thoughts of war are read long before,
  678. even you think about it.
  679. Because, you create the fields
    which leads to that level that we call...
  680. arms, fighting or whatever, or war.
  681. Everything has a measure,
    once you start measuring it,
  682. then you understand
    where it goes and how it goes.
  683. When you're in the sun on the beach,
    you don't get angry
  684. because it's peaceful and pleasurable.
  685. When you are put in the bus
    in a tight corner
  686. and there's 20 other people
    sharing 10 seats,
  687. then there's a pressure and anger.
  688. The man is the same man,
  689. it's the environment we have to create
    for it to behave correctly.
  690. And the Keshe Foundation is in that path,
    to create the environment.
  691. This is what I keep on saying:
  692. "We create the conditions
    and then we get the results".
  693. It's not just to do with the reactors.
  694. We are creating the conditions,
    that the man comes to be at peace.
  695. And you'll see the evolution in the
    coming, literally days and weeks
  696. because it has started, you'll see.
  697. Give from your soul as a child, which
    is pure and clean, to your world leaders
  698. and then they will walk off, they will not
    even carry their leadership with them.
  699. Then the man will come at peace.
  700. We passed our time.
  701. (RC): Yes, thank you Mr Keshe
  702. We should move on to the health
    workshop now, I suppose.
  703. (MK): It seems that the children are
    listening to all the programmes.
  704. We thought with the children's programs
    we teach the adults,
  705. but actually with adults' programmes,
    we're teaching the children
  706. and the children come in their
    programmes for the adults to learn.
  707. Thank you very much for your time.
  708. -Thank you.
  709. (MK): There is something while we are
    at it, I have to explain to you
  710. This will come, it's just once we get
    the Institute going,
  711. we'll start the Keshe Foundation
    Children Institute, in the coming months.
  712. This is on the run,
    we are looking at it very closely,
  713. Once we have the Spaceship Institute
    on-line and going
  714. we will create
    an educational system for children.
  715. Hopefully, to start with this,
    by September of this year.
  716. It's a full time education
    time programme for children.
  717. on the basis of the new ethos of peace,
    and what is needed Space.
  718. It is of no use learning about
    the history of the country,
  719. which is all fighting
    and being the best.
  720. If you speak to every nation, the children
    think their nation is the best
  721. and the only one
    and it's always been the best.
  722. We have to bring that ethos,
    changing it from the childhood.
  723. So not only will we start education with
    the adults. In September, hopefully,
  724. we'll start a school education for
    children in a very, very fundamental way,
  725. that is usable and applicable in Space
  726. and not on this planet.
  727. Because then they work
    as one team and as one race,
  728. not as different nations
    and who is better.
  729. (RC): Excellent.
  730. (KD): Excellent, thank you.
  731. (MK): We are working on it,
    the processes
  732. because we're setting,
    as you know I have a young son,
  733. and we see a waste of time,
    he has been in 2-3 different countries
  734. and all the countries are the best
    and they all teach nothing but division
  735. even among the nation,
    and this has to come to an end.
  736. So, we have decided to start a Keshe
    Foundation Children Space Institute.
  737. We teach thoroughly, you can get educated
    and in what we educate,
  738. they can sit for examinations
    anywhere in the Universe,
  739. which is the language of peace,
    understanding the process
  740. and understanding how to behave
    and how to live a correct life,
  741. through the science and understanding
    and application of science.
  742. (RC): That really sounds wonderful.
  743. (MK): It will be.
  744. We told, we open the institute,
    we are here.
  745. We don't talk, it just takes to set it up.
  746. At the moment your team
    has enough on their hands.
  747. (RC): Can we apply his kids to the kids
    teaching and lie about her age?
  748. (MK): Yes, of course
  749. (chuckling)
  750. I just set it up don't forget.
  751. Look at Australia,
    children don't go to school in Australia.
  752. They get taught on the radio,
  753. They are set a standard, they
    follow the standard and then go through.
  754. We set up a standard, International
    standard for educating children,
  755. they all understand
    and then they start working together.
  756. That, we set the full structure for the
    Universal Children,
  757. That one day in Space, they understand
    each other using the same language.
  758. They don't carry
    "I'm Iranian, you're American,
  759. you're this and I'm this,
    you're a Jew, I'm Christian".
  760. We walk as one and this has to be taught
    in the principle, to the childhood.
  761. From the child,
    that they understand they walk as one.
  762. In Space, you don't have no nationality,
    no race and no religion.
  763. (RC): "Universal Children",
  764. that's a nice phrase that
    you just said there, I like that.
  765. The "Universal Child".
  766. (MK): We'll see what happens, we have
    to set up the Institute.
  767. Now, we have the base and we go
    from here to the next step.
  768. It's very interesting,
    if the children want to look
  769. we have here a very interesting position.
  770. I tried to put the camera on
    for the children to see.
  771. I'm going to move very very slowly
    so that you can see it.
  772. If you can see,
    I try to come up that way.
  773. You see a number of reactors on the floor.
  774. And you see the latest,
    the small one here in front of me.
  775. and all this technology is set
    and developed over years,
  776. literally, you see all the reactors.
  777. In the far end, you see
    the white, the brown.
  778. they're all different colours,
    different sizes,
  779. built in different parts of the world,
    but all work according to one system
  780. to create a Plasma, so that
    we can put man into Space
  781. with the energy that he can
    consume, at the point of demand.
  782. It's like a human race, and in a way
    it's like the Universe.
  783. Shape, size and colour is irrespective,
  784. all work towards one direction to be
    able to deliver what is needed.
  785. So we are not just talking in this.
  786. A lot of you might see,
    this is the picture of the new lab.
  787. We will try to take a camera, in time,
    we are setting everything up
  788. for the children of the future
    and the adults to be part of it.
  789. So, you have seen
    what is about to happen
  790. so the next step is
    the children's education
  791. and we'll see how we can do it.
  792. (RC): How appropriate with all
    the different reactors there.
  793. Okay, we should switch...
    (MK): We have 11 reactors here,
  794. 11 sets of reactors at the moment,
  795. one has been put in quarantine,
    it was a naughty one,
  796. that's exactly what your Dad does
    with you when you're naughty
  797. If you look in the last box in the back,
  798. Marko can show you.
  799. This one plays too much,
  800. so what we did is we put him away.
  801. This is a naughty reactor,
  802. it plays too much
    so it's got in quarantine.
  803. it's been put in the box
    until it learns what to do
  804. or maybe when we need
    his cheekiness, we'll bring him out.
  805. (KD): Wonderful news, thank you.
  806. (MK): You're welcome, goodbye for today.
  807. We'll come back together some other time.
  808. Can you give us about 5-10 minutes
    and the we are set here?
  809. (RC): Okay! Thank you Mr Keshe and
    thank you Keyvan and Mike
  810. and to the kids who had the questions,
    thank you very much for your questions,
  811. we like to see more questions
    like that from children
  812. and looking forward
    to the next Kids Workshop.
  813. The next will be two weeks from now.
  814. (MN): Thank you guys,
    very much, appreciated.
  815. (RC): Okay, that's the end of the
    14th Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshop.
  816. Thank you everybody for attending!