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  1. I'm Katherine Kwan,
    and I'm a developer advocate at Google.
  2. I started off by working as an engineer
    on the Android apps team.
  3. I worked there for three years on
    products like Google Play and Google Keep,
  4. the note taking app.
    I'm continually blown away
  5. by what you can build on this platform,
  6. and I'm particularly inspired
    by those apps that can truly improve
  7. people's lives.
  8. When I meet people, they often tell me
    about their great app ideas.
  9. But then they feel like they don't have
    the technical skills to actually build it.
  10. And that's why I shifted over
    to developer relations
  11. so I can help people like you
    really build something great.
  12. Throughout this course, I'll be helping
    you implement your very first app.
  13. My name is Dan Gauthan.
    I've been a developer advocate at Google
  14. for four years and I've worn
    a lot of hats here.
  15. My goal is to keep us on track
    to make Sunshine, something that
  16. had some resemblance
    to a production quality app.
  17. I'll introduce Android design
    patterns and principles.
  18. Many of which are often missed
    by new Android developers.
  19. You'll learn to lean on the framework,
    focusing on what makes your app unique
  20. instead of reinventing the wheel.
  21. I'm Rado Mya, and I've been a developer
    advocate for Android at Google
  22. for five years.
  23. I started working on Androids
    so long ago that back then
  24. there were no devices.
  25. All we had to work with
    were an emulator, a beater SDK,
  26. and an almost fanatical devotion
    to the platform.
  27. I'll be joining you from here,
    my underground Android developer bunker,
  28. and my goal isn't to get you up
    and running as quickly as possible.
  29. It's to teach you the context behind
    the choices we'll make.
  30. And the best practices you need,
    to really understand how to create
  31. great experiences specifically
    tailored to mobile devices.
  32. By the time you finished this course
    you'll know more than just how to create
  33. yet another app.
  34. You'll know how to build
    great apps that focus on the user.