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  1. Three y plus two divided by y plus eight is correct. Great effort if you got
  2. this one correct. Here, the L-C-D is y plus two. These are the only factors that
  3. appear in the denominators inside of our complex fraction. We know we need to
  4. multiply by the L-C-D divided by the L-C-D. So we really just distribute this to
  5. each of our terms and our complex fraction. Next we simplify the common factors
  6. from a numerator and denominator. This leaves us with 1 times y plus 2 here, 2y
  7. here, 4 times y plus 2 in our denominator, and a negative 3y also in our
  8. denominator. We can clean up this fraction by adding our light terms here to get
  9. 3y plus 2. We can also distribute this 4 and our denominator. Giving us 4y plus
  10. 8 minus 3y. We add like terms one more time to get our final fraction. You're a
  11. pro. Way to go.