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National Security and Cyber Surveillance: A Debate


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This debate is the fourth event in a University Seminar series on Internet freedom and governance. The currently planned format of the debate itself will be that used by Intelligence Squared, where the "winner" is deemed to be the side that has changed the most minds. See for a similar debate. Ours will be in a university setting and won't have quite the production values they had, but also our proposition is different. It may focus on control-at-collection vs. control-at-use arguments, or other items, depending on where the debaters take us. Lee Tien, Senior Staff Attorney and Adams Chair for Internet Rights of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Chris Soghoian, Principal Technologist and a Senior Policy Analyst of the ACLU will represent the “pro” side. Professor Orin Kerr of GW Law and Paul Clark, President and CTO of Secure Methods LLC will argue the “con” side.