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  1. Once users have accessed
    your homepage or
  2. your application, you'll likely want
    the user to register for an account.
  3. But this isn't always the case.
  4. You should keep in mind that
    registration doesn't have to be the next
  5. immediate step in your process.
  6. You should think carefully about
    the entire user experience,
  7. the product you're offering, and
  8. when you want registration to happen, if
    you want registration to happen at all.
  9. Registration on Udacity's site is fairly
    simple with just a couple fields or
  10. you could also login using Facebook or
  11. For more detailed
    examples of sign ups and
  12. onboarding, check out useronboard.com,
    which is linked in the instructor notes.
  13. You can walk through examples such as,
  14. Gmail to see all the design elements
    that guide first time users.
  15. These details include animations
    text annotations, tool tips, and
  16. cause to action, all of these lead the
    user to successfully using the product
  17. for the first time.
  18. Now, there are many ways to build out
    a successful onboarding experience.
  19. And our best piece of advice is
    to test your ideas with users
  20. using wireframes and mockups.
  21. We'll cover how you can do this with
    a design sprint in the next lesson.
  22. To get a real sense of
    why testing is important,
  23. check out this article
    about Yammer sign up flow.
  24. The company found very
    counter-intuitive results by adding
  25. just one step to the registration flow.