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  1. Since we're on the subject of food today,
  2. we thought it would be
    appropriate to bring you
  3. a piece that's all about saying grace.
  4. This is by our dear friend Mark Stewart.
  5. He is a member
    of the Bang on a Can community,
  6. and he's Paul Simon's music director.
  7. Mark's father is an episcopal priest,
    and his mother is an atheist.
  8. So you can imagine, at family dinner time,
    they've got fun discussions of,
  9. "What exactly do we do with grace?"
  10. So, mom came up with a brilliant idea,
    after which Mark named this piece.
  11. So, one year,
    Thanksgiving time I guess it was,
  12. mom stood up, time to say grace,
    and she said,
  13. "To whom it may concern --
  14. (Laughter)
  15. -- thank you."
  16. (Laughter)
  17. (Music)
  18. (Applause)