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  1. This is a video about platform shoes.
  2. Among other things as well, but
  3. mostly about platform shoes.
  4. For as long as I've been creative,
  5. I've been fearful.
  6. Fearful of rejection,
  7. fearful of failure,
  8. fearful of 'who does this kid think he is'.
  9. But a year ago,
  10. I signed my record deal
  11. and I thought I was going to wake up one morning
  12. and all of a sudden, be the dopest person on the planet,
  13. with sick style and incredible music.
  14. I realized soon after that it was not going to be that easy.
  15. I realized that the art that I appreciate
  16. and the people I appreciate
  17. are not just your average person walking down the street.
  18. You could take away their money and take away their fame,
  19. and they would cut up a garbage bag
  20. and be wearing it like it just came off the runway in Paris.
  21. They'd still be doing that thing that is just left of center
  22. that you either love or you hate,
  23. but to be frank, they don't give a fuck what you think.
  24. Art is risk.
  25. Upon realizing this it's been an interesting journey.
  26. I'm on the path to being a person that I'm equally terrified by and obssessed with.
  27. My true self.
  28. I realize that if I wanted to make cool shit,
  29. I had to make cool shit.
  30. If that cool shit was letting myself scream into a microphone
  31. in a room full of people looking like a complete idiot,
  32. because I know that it's gonna sound amazing on the final track,
  33. it's about doing that.
  34. But this doesn't only apply to me.
  35. If it means taking rad photos
  36. that your friends are gonna condescendingly call
  37. 'so tumblr',
  38. it's about doing that.
  39. If it's about singing at the top of your lungs
  40. when you're tone deaf,
  41. it's about doing that.
  42. If it's about showing off your ass
  43. because you know it's cute,
  44. even though you might get called a slut,
  45. it's doing that.
  46. If it's wearing something that you probably can't pull off
  47. like women's platform converse shoes,
  48. when you're a 19 year-old man,
  49. it's about doing that.
  50. Whatever it is,
  51. I urge you to do it.
  52. Don't let people stifle you
  53. because you're doing the shit
  54. that they have always been too scared to do.
  55. Love your body,
  56. let your mind wonder,
  57. and let yourself be the person that you've secretly always wanted to be.
  58. Life isn't about finding yourself.
  59. It is about creating yourself.
  60. I love you guys so much
  61. and I'll see you all next week.