Jungle - God's Call (part 1)

Jungle - God's Call (part 1)

These videos tell the story of how my father and mother, Walter and Marjorie Jackson, alongside other faithful workers, reached the Wayana Indians of Suriname. Each one of the four videos tells a significant part of the story culminating in how the truth of God's Word penetrated their hearts. The four parts are:
1. God's Call - how God introduced Dad to the Wayana and called him to them
2. God's Word - how the language was deciphered, the alphabet was written, and Wayana were taught to read portions of the New Testament
3. God's Provision - how God took care of my family's needs AND provided a significant breakthrough (redemptive analogy) that helped explain the truth of the gospel
4. God's Truth - how the Wayana came to understand the truth for themselves.
Special thanks to Sashko Petrovski for his professional work on these videos and Nikola Ginevski for his assistance.
May God continue to bless this beloved tribe as they continue to reach out to others in the jungles of Suriname, and may the Lord of the Harvest continue to call workers to take the gospel to those who have never heard the good news of Jesus!

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