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  1. The conference central application includes both a back-end
  2. application that defines the end point function and front-end
  3. application that has the web page users functions. So
  4. I'm going to call the back-end application, basically I'm going to
  5. refer to it as the back-end API and the
  6. part of the application that has the web pages
  7. I'm going to refer to as the web UI.
  8. In our case, they're all in one single application.
  9. Got one app ID, we deploy the app, takes the back-end API and takes web the
  10. web UI with it. However, the web UI and the back-end API don't have to be in
  11. the same application. They could be in completely
  12. separate applications, or you could even have multiple applications,
  13. that provide different front-end interfaces to the conference
  14. back-end API. So here we've got several different applications,
  15. each with a different kind of Web UI and we
  16. have our conference API running here on the back-end API. However
  17. in our case the web UI and the back-end API
  18. are in the same application. But our opinion doesn't really care
  19. that they're in the same application. You still have to
  20. authorize a front-end UI to access the back-end API. So, those
  21. are a few things that you need to do before
  22. you can start using the web pages in the Conference Central
  23. application and these are all around authorizing the web UI for
  24. login and giving the web UI permission to use the back-end API