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  1. In this problem, we're going to investigate what happens when you connect a block
  2. to two springs not just one, and unlike in the shock absorbers problem, we're going to connect
  3. these springs to each other not both directly to the block.
  4. This is what we call putting springs in series rather than
  5. in parallel like we did with the shock absorbers.
  6. It turns out we can view a block dangles from two springs in this configuration
  7. as exactly the same as a single spring there with a different spring constant.
  8. In other words, if I covered up the springs and you just watch the block oscillating up and down,
  9. you wouldn't actually be able to tell the difference between these two cases.
  10. The case where there are two springs connected and the case where there's just one.
  11. For these two scenarios to be exactly equivalent, there actually has to be a very special relationship
  12. between the spring constant K₃ and the spring constants K₁ and K₂
  13. and that's what I want you to solve for this problem.
  14. I want you tell me what's the value of K₃ in terms of K₁ and K₂
  15. such that these two scenarios produce exactly the same behavior,
  16. and at each of these block boxes here, you can put either plus, minus, or times--good luck!