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Clear Your Roadblocks! Advice from a Solo Artist


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Soaring Solo – In Episode 7, Jessica Lynn Johnson clears our roadblocks and opens our imagination to the creative genius that lies in our own personal experiences. After all, fact is stranger than fiction. #story #teatime #tea #interview #realtalk #realwomen #realstories #calling #solotheatre #director #performer

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About Jessica:
Jessica Lynn Johnson, founder of Soaring Solo and winner of the Best National Solo Artist Award by the Dialogue One Festival, has toured internationally with her solo shows for nearly a decade as a performer, instructor, and director. Her 1st solo show Oblivious to Everyone was published in The Book of Estrogenius 2008. Her newest solo show ZE has been seen at the Out North Contemporary Art Space in Alaska, Matthew Corozine Theatre in NYC, the LA Women’s Theatre Festival, Level Ground Festival in Pasadena, and is in pre-production for film development.

Johnson’s work has toured various Universities nationwide and has been seen in the LA Women’s Theatre Festival, the NYC Samuel French Playwright Festival, the Kansas City Fringe Festival, the NYC International Fringe Festival, the Sola Voce Festival, the Monodrama Thespis Festival in Germany, the Black Magic Women’s Theatre Festival in Amsterdam and enjoyed an extended run at NYC’s prestigious Theatre Row on 42nd Street.

Some of Johnson’s most recent solo theatre directing and development credits include: Sofia Marie Gonzalez’s BULLY-MIA, Carmelo Alvarez’s NOT MY SHOW, Bonnie Sludikoff’s THAT’S WHAT SHE DIDN’T SAY, Kyla Garcia’s THE MERMAID WHO LEARNED HOW TO FLY, Joseph Steven’s ANSWERS OUTTA THE BLUE and Laura Jenkins’ TRIANGLES ARE MY FAVORITE SHAPE. Johnson’s clients have been seen in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, the United Solo Theatre Festival in NYC, the LA Women’s Theatre Festival, and many others!

Johnson teaches a FREE weekly solo theatre technique and development class through her company Soaring Solo at the White Fire Theatre in Sherman Oaks. She invites you to join her for this FREE ongoing class and learn the art of creating the one person show! She also offers paid private coaching sessions. Please inquire about rates and availability for one on one sessions. To be added to the Soaring Solo email chain and receive updates on upcoming class details, please email!

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