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Is There A Third Way For The Internet: Neither The US Nor The UN But Independence?


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On Tuesday November 12 2013 the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) hosted an e-conference on Internet Governance titled: "Is There A Third Way For The Internet: Neither The US Nor The UN But Independence?" The conference asked the question "Are there models of internet governance that establish internet independence from the US without the UN or other governments expanding their influence or control? What are their advantages and disadvantages?" Speakers included:Eli Noam, Director, CITI; John Curran, President and CEO, American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN); Alejandro Pisanty, Director of Computing Academic Services, National Autonomous University of Mexico, ICANN Board Member; Fred Goldstein, Interisle Consulting Group, Senior Member of the IEEE; Milton Mueller, Professor, Syracuse University; Lorenzo Pupillo, Economist, Telecom Italia; Fred Golstein, Interisle Consulting Group, Senior member of the IEEE; and Robert Atkinson of CITI. Moderator was Dave Burstein of ISOC-NY.