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  1. Stacy: Stampy, Lizzy, Preston - thank you for coming
    with me.
  2. What I want to show you is just over this
    mesa plateau.
  3. I think you're going to love it!
  4. Wait a minute - there's a hole in the track!
    (screaming) Is everyone okay?
  5. Stampy: Ah, I see the problem.
  6. Look!
  7. There was a hole in the track.
  8. Stacy: Really, Stampy?
  9. Lizzy: Maybe we should gather blocks to fix
  10. Preston: Let's make it a race.
  11. First one back to the top wins.
  12. Stacy: Ok, on your mark, get set, GO!
  13. Ok, I'm just gonna gather some of this terracotta.
  14. Wait.
  15. Guys, I can't mine!
  16. Preston: Same.
  17. Lizzy: I can't either.
  18. Stacy: Ok, that is really strange.
  19. Stampy, can you mine?
  20. Stampy: I can't mine!
  21. Stacy: Ok, everyone stay calm.
  22. Stampy: Is the game broken?
  23. Stacy: If it is, how do we fix it?
  24. Lizzy: I don't know.
  25. Stampy: Does anyone know how to write Minecraft
  26. (poof) Preston: What is that?
  27. Stampy: I've never seen one of these before.
  28. Lizzy: It's so adorable!
  29. Stacy: Is it tameable?
  30. Preston: Okay, what is going on?
  31. Someone needs to go back to the real world
    and fix this.
  32. All: Not it!
  33. Stacy: Not i- (Sigh.)
  34. Ok, I'll go.
  35. Hey!
  36. Oh, okay, hey, so I'm in the real world now.
  37. I'm going to go try to find the Minecraft offices.
  38. But, I'm going to need your help.
  39. Start doing the tutorial, start learning how
    to code, and I'll catch up with you guys after
  40. a few levels, okay?
  41. Wish me luck!
  42. I think it's this way.
  43. Ow!
  44. Cactus!
  45. I'm okay!
  46. To complete the Hour of Code challenge, you'll
    need to write code to program the agent.
  47. You'll work together with The Agent to clear
    any obstacles in your path, so you can pick
  48. up the items you'll need for your journey.
  49. Only the Agent can place and break blocks,
    and only you can collect items.
  50. Your screen is split into three main parts.
    On the left is Minecraft.
  51. The middle area is the toolbox with commands
    that the Agent can understand.
  52. And on the right, is the workspace.
  53. That's where you stack the commands to build
    your program to control the Agent.
  54. The Agent can walk, turn, and activate pressure
  55. It can also destroy blocks and place blocks.
  56. When it places the block like these minecart
    rails, it places it underneath itself.
  57. If you forget what to do, the instructions
    for each level are at the top.
  58. If you want to try again, you can hit the
    blue "reset" button to reset everything to
  59. where it started.
  60. And if you need to delete a block of code,
    drag it from your workspace to the toolbox.
  61. Remember to hit "run" to get the Agent moving.
  62. Okay, go ahead and try out the first few levels.
  63. Good luck!