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  1. Now you're going to install
    the Java Development Kit, but
  2. a few quick notes before we begin.
  3. So we've been calling
    the Java Development Kit like a toolbox.
  4. And what we mean by that is that the
    Java Development Kit is software that
  5. allows your computer to read and
    work with the Java programming language.
  6. This is sort of fundamentally
    different than a software program,
  7. because it's more like an upgrade for
    your computer.
  8. So as you're installing
    the Java development kit,
  9. it might seem a little bit intimidating.
  10. But what I want to tell you right
    now is do not worry about it.
  11. You're not going to break your computer.
  12. And we're going to go super
    slowly through the steps and
  13. explain what you're doing very
    explicitly as you do each step.
  14. That said,
    sometimes students run into problems.
  15. So I want to give you some additional
    tools to help you resolve those issues.
  16. If you do run into a problem,
    I've got three resources for you.
  17. First is the troubleshooting document,
    linked in the instructor notes.
  18. Second, is the forums and chat, where
    you can ask fellow students for help.
  19. I'll be checking in once in a while to
    see what problems students are finding
  20. and update the first
    document accordingly.
  21. So if you do happen to
    solve your problem,
  22. consider posting about your
    experience in the forums.
  23. When you're talking about an error,
    it helps to copy the text of the error.
  24. You can also take a screen shot of the
    error by using the keys Ctrl+Cmd+Shift
  25. on the Mac or
    the screenshot key on a Windows machine.
  26. Finally, when I run into errors,
    I often Google them.
  27. Nine times out of ten, you're going to
    immediately find somebody who's run into
  28. the exact same error that you have.
  29. And by the power of the Internet,
  30. a lot of people are going to
    have come together and
  31. help them resolve that error.
  32. So you can follow the exact same
    steps that they've followed
  33. to resolve your problem.
  34. Now if you're trying to figure
    out what to actually search with.
  35. My suggestion is to copy the error
    message that you're getting and
  36. add a word like Java or or
    Android studio to the end of it.
  37. Okay.
    Let's dive in.