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  1. Promoters are typically found in front of
  2. the transcription initiation site. Though, they don't
  3. always have to be. This serves an obvious purpose as a landing platform for all
  4. the proteins that come together to initiate
  5. transcription at this spot here. Remember, in the
  6. cellular world proteins make the world go
  7. round. Now there's a generic class of proteins
  8. referred to as transcription factors. Which are just proteins
  9. that bind DNA and regulate the initiation of transcription.
  10. As you can imagine, many of these proteins, many
  11. of these transcription factors, essentially bind in this promoter region.
  12. And physically regulate the initiation of transcription via chemistry.
  13. Now, not only can these proteins interact with the
  14. DNA of the promoter region. But they interact with
  15. each other as well. You can sort of see that
  16. depicted here. They're all bound to one another.
  17. And through these many interactions, they're able to
  18. facilitate the overall outcome for this particular gene.
  19. Now, although this is ultimately chemistry. We become pretty
  20. good at representing chemistry with our letter symbols.
  21. Let's imagine that one of the transcription factors
  22. up here, one of these proteins, is actually
  23. binding to a very specific sequence here in the
  24. DNA. TGACGTCA. Let's just say there was a change in this sequence here so that
  25. this G is missing, there's a small deletion, let's say. And now the sequence
  26. reads TGAC-TCA. Do you think this change
  27. in the DNA sequence at a promoter region
  28. would result in the transcription factor binding
  29. more tightly, less tightly, or not at all?