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  1. So, we have our Set Time object, and we've
  2. created that relationship between Set Time to Bands and Stages.
  3. >> Mm-hm.
  4. >> Now, that's great, but there are probably a few other things about
  5. Set Time that we want to track, like, for example, we took that Pic-less
  6. field that was a list of times and now turned it into this
  7. whole object, so we probably want to track
  8. what times these bands are playing at.
  9. >> Mm-hm.
  10. >> Or, maybe the status of what's going on with the set time link?
  11. >> It was cancelled or
  12. confirmed or whatever.
  13. >> Yeah. So we can do that right there
  14. from the Schema Builder and keep building out our object.