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  1. In those early days, people were fairly successful building verification
  2. environments. But we noticed that people spend an awful lot of time on
  3. inventing things like file name conventions, and type name conventions, and how
  4. to do messaging, and how to do end of test conventions, and so on. And so,
  5. everybody was reinventing those. This was a big waste of time. But the bigger
  6. issue is, pity the guy who would then have to get components for multiple
  7. people, and try to connect them, maybe even from multiple companies. It reminds
  8. you of the case where you go into a hotel room, and you try to get a hot
  9. shower, and you're wondering how do you get hot water in this hotel? Okay, is
  10. it to the left, to the right, or do you open this thingy? And you sort of wish
  11. that, that the shower designers have spent their creativity elsewhere because
  12. you don't want creativity, you want hot water. Similarly here, you don't want
  13. to have five ways to see messages and five ways to
  14. [UNKNOWN]
  15. test. You just want once, you can get to the real creative part.